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Скачать с ютуб Tyson Fury shares all on Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder & more to Gary Neville | The Overlap

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My full interview with Tyson Fury, brought to you by Sky Bet, is out now - I really hope you all enjoy it.

We discuss why he lives in Morecambe, his childhood and how much family means to him.

Tyson shares his side on why the Anthony Joshua fight fell through, and how he’s preparing ahead of Deontay Wilder.

We then dive into Tyson’s remarkable comeback story, and his mental health battle, before sitting down for a cup of tea and 10 Questions.

Let me know who you want to see on future episodes, and give the video a like if you enjoyed it. We’ve got another Fan Debate coming up, so make sure to subscribe ahead of that.

00:00-9:37 Why Tyson lives in Morecambe, his family \u0026 childhood, and his mentality ahead of fights
9:38-18:17 Why the AJ fight never happened \u0026 the system of boxing,
18:18-25:49 Facing Deontay Wilder and Tyson’s mental health battle
25:50-32:06 How Tyson returned to the ring
32:07-40:28 10 Questions with a cup of tea, and my present for Tyson