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PREPARING FOR TOWN HALL 13 ON THE RUSHED BASE!! | Rush That Base - Clash of Clans

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In today's video Sturge will be preparing for Town Hall 13 on the Rushed Base! We will be upgrading a bunch of stuff around the base as Sturge gets ready for Town Hall 13. We will be using Sneaky Goblins once again so we can get more loot. In this series we will be rushing a base from Town Hall 1 to Town Hall 14 with level 1 defenses.

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0:00 - Intro
1:10 - Starting with Upgrades
2:38 - 7K Dark Elixir Raid
3:49 - 600K of Each in 1 Raid
4:29 - 1 Million of Each
5:57 - Final Upgrades of the Day
8:19 - Like \u0026 Subscribe


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