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Скачать с ютуб 【Tetr.io】I'M NOT A BULLY【Minamoto Arisa】

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Hello! I’m Minamoto Arisa
A bunny who turned into a human to satisfy my ramen addiction and become a vtuber to make everyone happy! Nice to meet you!
#minamotoarisa #ArisaOnAir #vtuber


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■ Membership Name #AriZoo
#AriBAAA #Arisimps #Aribunnybear
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Rules during stream:
■ Be respectful with each other and comment with polite words.
■ Do not mention other Vtubers unless they are mentioned by the streamer or are in the live chat because it is impolite.
■ Avoid swearing, bashing, or any kind of talk with foul language.
■ Avoid making out of topic discussions.
■ Please do not spam, spam chat will be ignored.
■ Feel free to clip as long clipping with big text! (membership stream isn’t allowed to be clipped)
■ Please use English as much as you can, Indonesian and easy Japanese are OK but I may not be able to reply to you if I do not understand the language you are commenting with.

BGM : @Mr. PusheenPøtåtå
Outro Illustration : @IkezakiKido
Vtuber Art \u0026 Rig: Myself
BG room: @sabrac23
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