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Скачать с ютуб This is How Robinhood Makes Money Off You... i think

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DISCLAIMER: this is just what we THINK Robinhood does, based on the research we've done. But we're no experts and with the financial sector being so private, we can't say for sure we're right. We might in fact be very very very wrong. So don't take this as truth, but may it spur you to do your own research.

With Robinhood dropping their IPO, might as well drop this video on how Robinhood is making money off you. Invest wisely. Hedgefund. Wall Street. Trading. Finance. Day trading. Wall Street Bets. Revenue. Stock Advice. Diamond Hands. Baiju Bhatt. Vladimir Tenev. NASDAQ. S\u0026P 500. DJIA. Payment for order flow. How Robinhood makes money. Bernie Madoff. Pyramid Scheme. NYSE.

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