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Скачать с ютуб The 1 Leg Reach - The Aiki Dojo 2 Minute Technique #aikido #ukemi #zenpokaiten #aikidocenterla

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The Aiki Dojo 2 Minute Technique - One Exercise to Improve Your Rolling

David Ito Sensei, Aikido 5th Dan, demonstrates the one leg reach. Obviously, if you want to improve your rolling, one should just do more rolling practice. However, sometimes we can’t get to the dojo or don’t have a place to roll at home. Doing the one leg reach slowly can help to improve your body control which can improve not only one’s rolling but also their Aikido technique as well. Ito Sensei recommends doing this exercise twice per leg to start out progressing to 10 times a side. Give it a try and let us know if it helps. But, don’t forget to do it slow.

Let us know if you want us to do a full length video on this or any other topic.

Sometimes there's no time to read a lengthy message or watch a long documentary. So we've created these quick and easy 2 minute techniques to help you improve your Aikido technique and knowledge. Keep an eye out for them every Wednesday. 


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